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“A shine to Meiji-era education”

N15 ̊12’51.069” E145 ̊43’6.122

This small shrine-like structure on the north side of the present-day Paseo de Marianas was built in 1935 and originally housed a copy of the Imperial Rescript on Education and photographs of the Emperor and Empress. Hôan-den typically were sited at Japanese elementary schools from the 1910s through 1945. The Rescript, issued by Emperor Meiji in 1890, outlined the moral principles that each national was expected to follow. The Rescript was read aloud at all important school events and students were required to study and memorize the text. This Hôan-den was built to service the elementary school for Japanese students which was located immediately to the north of this site. Following established practice, it was built of concrete and equipped with a steel door to protect the Imperial photographs from damage by fire. In the late 1980s, this structure was relocated a few meters to the east to permit the construction of a new commercial building.